about me

Senior DevOps / Cloud Architect

Hi, my name is Rajesh kumar and live on a planet known as Earth. On Earth, i was born and raised in small town of India region.

Currently I am working as a Cloud DevOps Engineer. Also sometimes I have worked as a freelancer Web designer and cloud consultant. Photography and Video Editing is my favorite hobby.

At first, I intended to be a researcher in Chemistry since it was my favourite subject since childhood. But life took a turn and unfortunately, I had to choose a different carrier which led me to become an IT professional.

I had initially started my career as a technical trainer in a BPO industry. Where I initially started web design as an internal project for the training & quality team. Later this became an obsession for me and I started website designing.

From the very start i was always inclined towards troubleshooting and fixing things. Since my childhood, I always tried to fix electronic / mechanical / mobile devices / PCs hardware or software. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I have failed and ruined also. But I always learned one thing from failure and that’s not to repeat same mistake again.

I always tried to learn new technologies which helped me to learn new things and to provide end to end support to my clients or the companies I have worked with.

Early in my career I saw that many supposed technologists were far better at clinging to the past than they were at moving into the future. But I had decided that it would be better for me to live in the future than in the past, and to not just accept change and progress, but to actively seek it out.

When cloud computing was on the boom i decided to try AWS cloud for my personal websites and it really amazed me with simplified control panel and ease of setting up your own server in cloud. And with this interest i tried to learn everything about cloud by myself and later it became my profession.

Among my favorite thing , Nature photography is the one i like very much, and I try to capture as much as possible. Recently i have launched a Article website (Live It Logical) where in my free time i write about wildlife conservation and try to create some awareness about global climate change and and our impact on this planet.

Sometimes i also tried my hands on video editing but sadly i’m not good at it. You can have a look of some AMVs mixed by me at my youtube channel

Love to do