about me

Senior DevOps / Cloud Architect

Hi, my name is Rajesh kumar.

Currently I am working as a DevOps / AWS cloud architect. In my free time I work as a freelancer Web designer and cloud consultant. Photography and Video Editing is my hobby.

At first, I intended to be a researcher in Chemistry since it was my favourite subject since childhood. But life took a turn and unfortunately, I had to choose a different carrier which led me to become an IT professional.

I had initially started my career as a technical trainer in a BPO industry. Where I initially started web design as an internal project for the training & quality team. Later this became an obsession for me and I became a full-fledged Web Designer.

Troubleshooting and fixing things is always in my blood. Since my childhood, I always tried to fix electronic / mechanical / mobile devices / PCs hardware or software. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I have failed, even sometimes I have failed and ruined also. But I always learned one thing from failure and that’s what not to do next time.

My Hunger for learning new technologies helped me to learn new things and to provide end to end support to my clients or the companies I have worked led me to become what I’m today.

Since I feel myself very close to the nature I started capturing every bits and pieces of it and Photography this became my one of the hobbies.

I have designed many websites with great respect to standards, because it makes life easier for everybody. My site even used to validate, honesty!

Love to do