Linux – Find Archive & Delete older files

In this article we are going to find older files and then archive and delete after certain days. For this to achieve we will be using certain linux bash commands mentioned below in details. 1. Find & delete Explanation First part is the find & path where your files are located. Don’t use wildcard *…

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Basic 301 Redirects using .htaccess Rules

Redirect a single page. Redirect an entire site or domain to a new one. Redirect an entire site to a sub folder. Redirect a sub folder to different website. Redirect a file extension but retain the page name. Example: If you want an .html extension to use the same filename but use the .php extension….

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How to sync S3 buckets in two different AWS account?

Issue I want to copy Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) objects to a bucket in another AWS account. Then, I want to be sure that the destination account owns the copied objects. How can I do that? Resolution Follow these steps to enable the destination account to copy objects from the source bucket into…

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How to Set-Up Master-Slave Replication for PostgreSQL 11 on Ubuntu 18.04

PostgreSQL or Postgres is an open source object-relational management system (ORDBMS) with quite fifteen years of active development. It’s a robust db server and might handle high workloads. PostgreSQL may be used on Linux, Unix, BSD, and Windows servers. In this tutorial, we will set up PostgreSQL 11 Master-Slave Replication on Ubuntu 18.04 server. we…

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